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Trend & Design Research

Stockholm City Design Fiction

Within the framework of developing a strategy for a smart and connected city, a question was raised to guide the work: What is it like to live and work in the city of Stockholm in 2040?

During the spring of 2016, workshops and discussions were held with employees from the City of Stockholm, school pupils, academia and business with the mission to answer the question through the research method Design Fiction.
The result of the work is presented in the brochure Welcome to the world's smartest city. It aims to inspire and initiate discussions in the City's different departments on the future possibilities in a digitalized Stockholm.

This is part of the work to develop Stockholm as a smart and connected city, heading towards the City Council's Vision 2040 and the goal of Stockholm becoming the world's smartest city. The brochure was developed by the City of Stockholm in collaboration with The Mobile Life and Boris Design Studio.

Download the brochure here!