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Identity & Digital Design

SIFE 2017: North Gate Installation

For three years we have been participating in Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition (SIFE) and Shenzhen Creative Week (SZCW). 

For the 2017 edition of SIFE we were invited to design the main entrance installation on the North Gate Square. The purpose of the installation was to present the theme of the fair as well as trend colours of 2017/2018 and of course welcoming the exhibitors. For this we created a stylised Scandinavian Design Village.

With our Scandinavian Design Village concept, we wanted to give the visitors a sneak peak of what Scandinavian design means for us. We composed the village of huge grid structures where each structure represented a furniture archetype. Each archetype had a question written next to it; What is a chair? What makes home at home? etc.

We believe that design is much about questioning what already is and always stay curious. If you are about to design yet another chair start to ask yourself what the chair really is. What would the bare minimum structure be to still be able to call it a chair?

The structures we designed provided shade and seating areas as well as a landscape where you really could explore the trend colours created together with Eico Paint. The colour concept was a return to nature, characterized by vivid tints and earthy tones, marked by softness and light to present the trend colours of the year.