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Trend & Design Research


In this Master thesis we investigated what designers could learn from the creative processes of music makers. By investigating the methods used by musicians in their ideation process we gained insights that we later reworked into a tool kit. The tool kit was applied to product design creative processes to see if it would yield new results as compared to traditional methods. In total we created 6 tools that were applied to 3 case studies. When applied to the different aspects of the product design creative process, the studies revealed how these processes benefited from the processes used in the creation of music. The tools can for example be used for creative inspiration, to enhance the experience of the intended design and to explain the very concept of a product.

Case 1) A Vacuum Cleaner: Song Structure applied on User Scenario
Case 2) A Ceiling Fan: Acting as a Preformer and according to the rules that of a live act
Case 3) A Music Player: Mapping music to emotions

This is a project was executed in collaboration with Ulrika Henricson.
Photography: Simon Fagéus