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Trend & Design Research

Leaving Tactile Traces: Mobile Life

LEGA - A research project on future communication initiated by MobileLife SICS.

How do we communicate in a group without words? The latest and most innovative sensor technologies were used to create the LEGA: a high-tech companion that allows you to leave traces for your friends by stroking its surface or shaking it. Later when your friends pass by the spot where you left the trace/message they will experience the stroke like floating vibrations in their hand.

The research project has been tested 2 months through the Spring Salon 2010 at Liljevalchs Art Venue in Stockholm. 

MobileLife is a sub-division of the Swedish Institute of computer Science SICS sponsored by Sony Ericson and Microsoft among others. To learn more about the project please send us e-mail.
Photography: Marcus Lundén