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Identity & Digital Design


“We are living in a digital era and all parts of society are affected by that fact. Not the least Education and the new possibilities that present themselves in form of digital tools for teachers as well as students.” 

Läraktiv is a platform for digitalization when it comes to learning; it addresses the topic of digital education with critique and focused observation. There are several tools available already and more is to come. The new tools need to be tested and discussed and Läraktiv is a platform for just that - A forum for the next generation of teachers that work actively using their digital toolbox. 

We have helped “Läraktiv” to create a web platform for their users which are teachers and schools. On the Läraktiv platform they can discuss, share experiences about the new tools, inform about conferences and events and also help each other out in certain situations. We’ve created the visual language and logo and we have worked together with Läraktiv on a strategic level for the content.