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Product & Packaging Design


“Happylicious is a brand under the Rahmqvist umbrella that provides healthier snacks for your office! Happylicious provides a new way to look at breaks in the office, helping you to make informed choices of snacks and healthier and greener alternatives to the usual coffee break. This way you can feel better and perform better on your job. 

If your body and mind are happy you will feel less stressed and more focused. The brand message is to approach life with a healthier point of view, balancing the desire for a tasteful break with the notion of energising and healthy snacks. The variety of products are carefully chosen for their nutritional value and that they are mindful, organic products, minimising the carbon footprint.

We helped Rahmqvist express these values with a new logo design, along with the colour and visual identity for the brand. We also helped to inspire these principles, through the realisation of the packaging for some of the offered products. With sustainability in mind we took great care of materials, inks and production to keep Happylicious the aware brand that it is.