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Trend & Design Research

Green Pollution

The research project aims to show how we to create a framework to inspire people to embrace a sustainable lifestyle that can be used for sustainable product development. The green underwear collection was created as a case study based on the research findings to illustrate how to become green from the inside out.

GREEN POLLUTION was created as a web based open source forum to share experiences and listen to others on how to gain a sustainable lifestyle. In a personal perspective GREEN POLLUTION is about your resources, your time and your energy. In the global perspective it is about our world.

There is no doubt that design can be used as an important tool to apply to our challenges. We have the possibility to address well-being instead of well having. Being a designer must involve being concerned about sustainability. It is no longer acceptable to just create a product without awareness of its impact. Cold rationality, fearless objectivity together with technology is what environmentalists and ecologists have been trying to use to get us out of our current predicament but with minimal success. We must apply more actions now to communicate important issues.

To learn more about the project please send us e-mail.