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Trend & Design Research

Design Fiction for innovation

Design Fiction a driver for innovation

Design fiction has proved to be a useful tool to support innovation in research projects within the industry – it provides a way of thinking and talking about present day concepts, and present day constraints, without being overly concerned with contemporary challenges, or the requirements of academic validation. Usually the design fiction format starts with workshops with the company/organisation that is the subject for the design fiction. This is later visualised in a an archetype for that specific company. An IKEA catalouge for IKEA, a “Welcome to Stockholm” brochure for the City of Stockholm and a Course catalouge for KTH (Royal College of Art and Technology).

The result displayed here is an IKEA catalogue that was the result of a VINNOVA funded research collaboration between Mobile Life, the Near Future Laboratory & Boris Design Studio. It visualizes what form a potential IKEA catalogue might take in 2030. It is a design fiction and not an official view or visualization from IKEA or its associated companies.