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Product & Packaging Design

Boris X Greenworks Planet Mirror

DESIGN: Getting ready with the Planet Mirror is literally like taking a walk in the park! This wall mounted vertical planter has an integrated irrigation system. The clever design of the Planet Mirror opens up for endless plant configurations and allows the product to be ted into any interior project.

PLANTS: The Planet Mirror improves air quality as the plants are carefully chosen for their air purification qualities. You refill the tank by pulling the mirror towards you, the wall mounted fixture will rotate and you can refill the tank from the back. The indicator on the front of the mirror shows you when it is time to refill.

LIGHT: The dimmable LED rim on the Planet Mirror adjusts the light according to sensor data of the global light in the room it is placed. This function enables the best light regardless what time of the day it is. When you are not standing in front of the mirror, the light will be dimmed to a softer decorative level.

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