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Product & Packaging Design

Boris X Greenworks Bloombox

The Bloombox is a planter table with anntegrated speaker system. The Bloombox will help you take care of your plants and the plants will improve your indoor air quality all while you enjoy great music. The materials are chosen to fit a modern interior with a mix of natural (scandinavian maple) and tech (corian) materials. The corian planter is easy to maintain, keep clean and is stain resistant.

PLANTS: The Bloombox system has an integrated selfwateringsystem and room for 12 plants. The 5 litre tank lasts approximately one month and the water level
indicator will let you know when it is time to refill. The plants are carefully chosen for the air purification abilities.

SOUND: The Bloombox has a powerful wireless integrated sound system with two high quality speakers and a subwoofer.

SENSORS & APP: Sensors collect data on Light, Humidity & Temperature of the plant environment. Using an APP you can monitor the well being of your plants as well as get music suggestions to trigger their growth!

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