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Product & Packaging Design

Blending online and offline

Today it easier than ever before to explore a product you are about to purchase before you decide to buy As a webshop owner you can have direct contact with a potential buyer and you have the chance to display variations of your items and even videos when the items are in use. As a small designer brand the direct contact is very important to get reviews, a fan group and also as a finger pointer to what to develop next. We experienced that the communication was lost once we started selling our product in a physical store. We felt that some of the qualities of the product were easily missed since the sales staff, naturally, could not be there to pitch our product all of the time! As a step to get in touch with our potential buyers off line we decided to explore the NFC technology.

We created an NFC hangtag for our Rosary lamp to give the shopper a glimpse of the possibilities with the Rosary lamp; Ways of hanging it, contexts were to put it and also show the concept behind the product. The NFC tag enabled anyone with a smartphone with an NFC reader to get extra content about the Rosary lamp by simply tapping the hangtag. In our case the shopper was presented a video about the Rosary and also a set of context pictures to inspire a buy.

Short on NFC: NFC is a wireless radio communications standard. NFC tags are programmed with just about any sort of information and then applied into almost any product, letting you read them with a smartphone or another NFC-capable device. The NFC tag gives the item you apply it to a digital signature that gives you instant access to information about the item, products, services or landmark depending on how you programmed it. /Source: