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Product & Packaging Design

Accessories: Doro

A coloured or textured case provides an easy customisation option for the user. A case is a simple accessory that yet adds value in terms of protection but also by creating a sense of personalisation and ownership.

In Doro’s case the users are rather traditional but as the demographics changes there are people who wish to add their own touch.

To align with Doro’s motto of “A Doro product is always intuitive and easy to use”, extra consideration in the choice of colours where made as well as on creating a texture that allowed for a good grip.

Features like the speakerphone function carries an extra importance in this segment. When the phone is lying on a flat surface the texture of the case is created so that it lifts the phone off the surface to allow the best possible audio.

Silicone is soft to the touch and it provides a higher perceived protection while at the same time making it easy for the user to dress the phone. Silicone cases are also cost efficient to produce in lower volumes compared to hard cases which uses injection moulding.